Moi University marks the World Environmental Day

World Environment Day is commemorated every year on 5th June. World Environment Day celebration began in 1972 and has grown to become the one of the main vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. The aim of the event over the years is to raise awareness on emerging environmental issues from Marine pollution, overpopulation, global warming to sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. The day was also marked in Moi University spearheaded by the MU-UNESCO Club and joined by other clubs’ keen in Environmental Conservation.

All members gathered at the university students’ centre at 10.00 a.m. and all proceeded to the planting grounds. The theme of this activity was “Making Moi Greener” in a move to;

a) Protect the environment by protection of water catchment areas,

b) Say NO to plastic,

c) Share more on biological diversity,

d) Emphasize on the achievement of the sustainable development goals. (SDGs) and

e) Emphasize on “Use, Reuse, Recycle and Reduce Pollution”

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