The Moi University Students’ Organisation (MUSO) is the umbrella student body for all undergraduate students while the International Students Association of Moi University (ISAMU) is the umbrella body for all International students. All international students are expected to enroll as members of ISAMU.

The Club represents all International Students of Moi University. Its aims and objectives are as follows:-

  • Participate in provision and improvement of welfare matters for the international Students.
  • Bridge gaps among the international students, Moi University Students’ Organization and the University administration.
  • Work hand in hand with the International Office in assisting prospective students, new and continuing students in matters of importance.
  • Receive newly admitted students and make necessary arrangements in finding accommodations for them, facilitate in getting students’ passes and other relevant documents that may be required as they study in Moi University.
  • Shall act as medium where problems facing international students are received and taken forward to the relevant authority for possible solutions.
  • The club shall foster cultural exchange by participating in cultural days.
  • Organize international students to be a coherent whole in unity to help further the objectives of the institution.
  • The club focuses on peace, love and unity among international students as a tool for promoting global peace.
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