International students taking their programmes in main campus have accommodation facilities within main campus, while programmes in Town and Nairobi campuses arrange for their accommodation in those areas.

University Hostels
Accommodation is offered in the University halls of residence (hostels) for both male and female students’ payable at the beginning of every semester. Some of the rooms are shared and also other facilities in the common areas.  There is adequate security around the campus halls of residence and there is a Police Station within the University.

A variety of meals is available in the University dining halls on Pay as You Eat basis.  There is also a shopping Centre next to the main campus where one can buy food or personal items.

Health Services
The University provides medical services at the University clinics to students, staff, their dependants and the surrounding community on outpatient basis. The University Health services operate clinics in Main campus Clinic and Town Campus Clinic at Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital.

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