Visiting Students from Ivey School of Business Canada from 30th April to 25th May 2019

The students from Ivey School arrived as scheduled on 30th April 2019 and were received by the Director IPLA. During their three week stay they conducted a Business Decision Making workshop for the students from the School of Business & Economics. The two Institutions have been actively participating in Student and Staff exchange since the inception of the MoU which has seen the Student Instructors from Richard Ivey visiting every year to facilitate the workshop.

During their visit to Moi University, the five students on 3rd April had a tour to the Main Campus accompanied by two lecturers Dr. Naomi Koske and Mr. Joel Tuwey. They were received at the International office by the Assistant Registrar IPLA, Dr. Monica Kurui. They were briefed on the role of International Office of providing support to international students in Moi University.

The students afterwards visited the Dean of Students office and were received by the administrators in the office and briefed on the various functions of the Dean of Students in providing support and student welfare for all students at the University.

Finally they went to the Dean’s office school of Business and Economics and later to the Margaret Thatcher Library. The students after successful completion of their Workshop they departed for their country on 25th May, 2019.

Ivey Business School students at Moi UniversityThe students and staff at the Student Centre

Ivey Business School students at Moi University administration buildingThe students and Dr. Naomi Koske outside the administration building during the tour in main campus

Ivey Business School students with Moi University School of Business Economics studentsA photo with the Students from the School of Business & Economics who participated in the Business Decision Making with Cases Course.

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