Prof. Charles Lagat
Director, International Office

Dear Prospective Students, Parents and Partners,

I wish to appreciate that you have considered Moi University (MU) for your University education. MU will provide you with quality academic programmes, beautiful campus, student support services and a wonderful University experience. We will strive to make you innovative, creative and competitive at all levels of human engagement so that you build a strong life and a strong future.

Moi University provides you with a secure physical environment in an academic climate that nurtures intellectual growth and creativity. Our setting is a rural, beautiful and safe campus with friendly staff in an atmosphere that fosters learning and exploration. As an international student you will enjoy a supportive study environment, qualified teachers, good facilities and a friendly atmosphere. At the Directorate of International Programmes we aim to ensure that the international students find home away from home at Moi University. The staff at our office are committed to welcoming and caring for international students. At the Directorate of International Programmes we also provide support to the international staff to find home away from home at Moi University. The visiting scholars and faculty will find the best example of the Kenyan hospitality in Eldoret and feel like they were at home. My office is here to provide compassion, support and guidance in respect to the unique needs of international students and staff.

The directorate coordinates the linkages with other Universities and Institutions. Moi University has entered into more than 65 collaborations and partnerships which provide opportunities for staff exchange, student exchange, visiting scholarships and collaborative research opportunities. We provide the support for nurturing sustainable collaborations and partnerships for mutual benefits of all partners.

The Moi University Alumni office is also under IPLA directorate. We encourage all alumni to participate in and support the programs, services, campus activities and events at Moi University. Please stay connected through involvement and participation in our Alumni Association. We also encourage each alumnus to be our ambassadors in their respective communities by assisting with the recruitment of students and by supporting the University development agenda. Our Alumni, Our Pillar.

I welcome any questions that you might have as you seek to apply for admission, apply for a visit or when seeking for a partnership with Moi University.

Prof. Charles Lagat
Director, International Programmes, Linkages & Alumni


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