Prof. Charles Lagat
Director, International Office

Dear Students, education is a life-long process that attempts to provide and facilitate the training of character, mind and skills. In a University setting like ours here, education should not just be what you learn from the lecture rooms and text books but should encompass everything you experience both inside and outside the lecture rooms. We would like to make you creative and competitive at all levels of human engagement so that you build a strong life and a strong future.

At Moi University our students are the heart of our organization and our aim is to ignite and support your passion for learning and provide you with an unforgettable academic experience. As an international student at Moi University you will enjoy a supportive study environment, highly qualified teachers, exceptional facilities, and a friendly atmosphere that emphasizes personal contact between students and academics. Our graduates are valued by employers for their combination of academic skills, practical experience and good communication and technology skills.


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