Moi University International Progragram, Linkages & Alumni Directorate, has on record, Fourty Six (46) signed active Memorandum of Understanding (MoU’s) and twenty nine (29) active Linkages, as at 24th March 2019. Two (2) MoU’s have been initiated and signed by Moi University and in the process of being signed by the other partners.
These new partnerships are;
1. FilmAid Kenya
2. University of Novi Sad, Italy.


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Indiana University.


03.09.2013 5 years  Exchange of teaching, research personnel and students as well as books, research and reference materials in all academic disciplines. Strategic Plan between Indiana University of journalism and Moi University department of communications studies. Post Graduate Diploma Student and staff Research.
(i)School of Information Sciences
(ii)School of Arts and Social Sciences
(iii) School of Medicine
(iv) School of Nursing
2. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University /Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg.(CERM-ESA)
Germany & South Africa
07.10.2014 5 years Establish, implement and operate the: Centre of Excellence for Education Research Methods and Management in East and South Africa. Masters and PhD research Scholarships. School of Education
3. Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA)
22.06.17 5 years Host 14th AGBA annual Congress and Conference. School of Business and Economics
4. Hogeschool University of Applied Sciences Utretch (HU)
15.06.17 4 years Student/staff exchange, joint seminars, conferences and conventions. Scholarship for students from modest family background.

(i) School of Business and Economics
(ii) School of Education

5. Alexandria University.
04.04.2016 5 years International Scientific and educational exchange of student and staff. Cooperation in areas of mutual interest.
Five(5) Scholarships in all disciplines plus 5 lake basin scholarships.
- Partial Scholarship in PhD
- Nile Basin Scholarships for Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

(i) School of Public Health

(ii) School of Nursing

(iii) School of Dentistry

6. NORCART Africa
23.12.2017 5 years Joint research, projects, consultancy, teaching, curriculum development, students exchange ,faculty exchange and training, curriculum development, research publications, policy briefs and sharing of facilities/equipment in the context of renewable energy. (i) School of Biological and Physical Sciences

(ii) School of Engineering
7. Oklahoma state University.
03.12.2007 Active until terminated. Research, extension, academic and professional/scholars exchange. Tuition waiver for students and 10 PhD faculty exchange.

(i) School of

(ii) School of Business and Economics

8. University of Lorraine.


5 years Scientific, technological and pedagogical cooperation. Projects/program for Master’s and Training of Doctoral Students and Staff. Scholarship in Research and community service. School of Biological and Physical Sciences
9. Donghua  University
30.01.2015 5 years Establishment of Confucius Institute at Moi University.
Effective use of funds of Confucius Institute at Moi University.
School of Arts and Social Sciences
10. Bayreuth University
25.07.2015 5 years Exchange of faculty members in the field of media studies. School of Information Sciences
11. UNHCR AND Windle Trust Kenya (WTK) 10.07.2017 5 years Support and facilitate award of Scholarships to refugee students in Kenya. School of Education
12. The Gujarat Forensic Sciences University
25.07.2017 5 years Education & training in Forensic Sciences. School of Biological and Physical Sciences
13. University of Western Ontario, Canada 12.11.2015 3 years Educational and scientific/Research exchange of students and staff. Capacity building initiatives. School of Business and Economics
14. Vrije University Brussels-Belgium 14.04.2017 5 years Research, Students, academic and professional/scholars exchange. School of Biological and Physical Sciences
15. Intra-African Academic Mobility Scheme
European Union (EU) And African Union (AU)
28.01.2017 5 years Improve the skills and competences of students and staff through enhanced intra-African mobility. School of Arts and Social Sciences
16. Oklahoma state University. Okmulgee U.S.A 27.11.2007 Open Strategic alliance to provide innovative and meaningful cross-field and interdisplinery synergies. School of Agriculture
17. African Population & Health Research Centre,Kenya,
University of Warwick,United Kingdom,
University of Gothenburg Sweden,and
Amsterdam Institute of Global Health Netherlands
30.01.2015 5 years Education, research, funding and student/staff exchange. Financial support. (i) School of Public Health and
(ii) School of Arts and Social Sciences
 18. The Municipality of Villa Rica,Cauca,
14.07.2015 5 years Academic and Educational Cooperation through faculty members, researchers, administrative staff, students and implementation of research projects. School of Medicine
 19. University of Toronto
01.10.2017 3 years Public health training, education and research. School of Public Health
 20. Maastricht University
30.05.2017 5 years Develop academic cooperation in education and research and exchange of students College of Health Sciences
21. African Institute for Peace and Development(AIPAD)
27.11.2017 5 years Research, teaching, exchange of academic material, students and staff and sourcing for training and research fund for peace and development. Peace Institute
22. Ostfold University College-Norway 28.09.2017 3 years Research, teaching, exchange of academic material, students and staff and joint projects. School of Education
23. Makerere University-Business School
28.09.2017 5 years Research, teaching and students/staff exchange. Synergy on academic programs. School of Business and Economics
24. Swedish Aeronautical Institute,Linkoping
11.09.2017 5 years Teaching, training and collaborative research in areas or programs of mutual interest to both parties. School of Aerospace Sciences
25. Distance Production House University (DPHU)
03.08.2017 5 years Establishment of a sister institutional collaboration and Open and Distance learning in cross border education provision. School of Nursing
26. Ball State University Muncie, Indiana
28.06.2017 5 years Educational partnership. Development of proposals seeking external support for collaboration in research, instruction or service functions. School of Education
27. University of Pretoria.
South Africa
10.06.2013 5 years Scientific, technological, educational and research exchange. School of
28. AISECT University (AU)
18.11.2016 5 years Educational and scientific/Research Exchange of teaching staff ,technicians , students, interns, books, research and reference materials. All Schools Specially the school of Engineering (energy, material science, smart lighting etc)
29. Hasan Kalyoncu Universty, Gaziantep.
08.04.2013 Active until terminated Research, academic and cultural interchange in areas of mutual interest. All Schools
30. National Aviation College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 02.11.2015 5 years Research, projects, teaching, curriculum development, students/staff exchange and other academic related activities. (i) School of Aerospace Sciences
(ii) School of Business and Economics
31. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.
10.03.2015 5 years Faculty and institutional building. Educational and Research exchange of students and staff.PhD training. Scholarship in Research and community service. School of Biological and Physical Sciences
32. The Embassy of the United States of America, Public Affairs Section, in Kenya U.S.A 25.08.2014 Active until withdrawn Establishment of a public information and activity center known as the American Corner(“the corner”). School of Information Sciences
33. Georgia State University, Atlanta,
25.03.2014 5 years Educational, Research/Project funding and exchange of knowledge. School of Education
34. The University of Western Cape,
 South Africa
02.01.2014 6 years Provisions for doctoral degree studies for Moi University law lecturers, collaborative post graduate teaching and supervision of post doctoral and staff studies, visits and joint consultancy. School of law
35. BHER Yoke University, Canada 09.07.2014 5 years Implementation of Community Health Education program- Daadab Refugee Camp Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education and Administration Students. School of Nursing
36. The University of Siena,
03.12.2013 5 years Educational, scientific/Research and cultural exchange .Students and academic staff exchange. Joint research program. Mutual cooperation in the sector of lymphoma, in particular their association with infectious agents. Tuition waiver for academic exchange students. School of Medicine
37. University of Texas at El Paso.
01.09.2013 5 years Academic, joint research, teaching and student/staff exchange. Exchange of information pertaining to developments in research, teaching and students across all disciplines. School of Business and Economics
38. Samaritan’s Purse International Relief
22.06.2017 3 years Enhancement of educational research opportunities and experiences of students and faculty members of the
School of Aerospace Sciences and Operations.
School of Aerospace Sciences
39. Fair Observer
26.05.2017 5 years Teaching, training and collaborative research in areas or programs of mutual interest to both parties. Directorate of Research
40. 1963 Inc.
701 Brazos Street
Austin, Texas, USA
12.05.2017 5 years Inspire, educate and empower entrepreneurs to create transformational business concepts. School of Business and Economics
41. FGBNU V.M Gorbatov All-Russian Meat Research Institute, Russia 02.02.2016 5 years Joint research and exchange of scientific personnel. Meat and meat products training of specialists in technologies of meat processing and, production of meat products, methods of quality and safety FGBNU V.M Gorbatov All-Russian Meat Research Institute Russia control of meat and meat product. School of Agriculture
42. Buni Yelets State University, Russian Republic 18.04.2013 10 years Faculty, curriculum development, and institutional building. Educational and Research exchange of students and staff. School of Education
43. Ghent University, Belgium 30.01.2018 1 year Teaching,research,staff/student exchange, staff development and curriculum development. All schools
44. Mzuzu University, Malawi 27.04.2018 5 years Cooperation in Research, Teaching and Cultural exchange. School of Tourism, Hospitality & Events Management
45. Africa Center of Exellence in Phytochemicals,Textile and Renewable Energy (ACEII-PTRE) & Association of Energy Professionals Eastern Africa (AEPEA) 11.09.2018 4 years Partnership agreement is to raise quality of innovation, research, academic building, and professional capacity building in the field of energy.

(i) School of Biological & Physical Sciences

(ii) School of Engineering

46. University of Gezira
20.06.2018 5 years Framework for development of academic and educational cooperation in the fields of educational activities development,research and training.
Partnership with ACEII PTRE to;
- Enhance and strengthen  educational and research capacity and excellence in phytochemicals, textile,industrial engineering and renewable energy.
- Develop financial sustainability in the ACEII PTRE

(i) School of Biological & Physical Sciences

(ii) School of Engineering

(iii) Others as may be determined.

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